Why You Should Use An Toaster Oven Over A Conventional Oven

There are many benefits to using a toaster oven in a home rather than using a conventional oven. In many ways a toaster oven can save money as well as adding convenience to cooking and cleaning, while still being versatile enough to cook a meal for the average sized family.

Pre-heating a toaster oven requires less energy because the unit is smaller than a full size oven. Using less energy is not only better for the environment; it is less costly for the home electric bill. Because the unit is smaller than a conventional oven it will heat to the required temperature faster, therefore allowing a meal to be cooked and ready to consume more quickly than if an individual was using a conventional oven. Heating up a toaster oven does not heat up the kitchen or home the way that heating up a full-size oven can. Heating up the home by using a conventional oven also causes the air conditioner to work harder to keep the home temperature comfortable, raising the electricity bill and causing extra wear on the air conditioning system. Another cost savings in the toaster oven is that they cost less to replace than a conventional oven, even a high-end toaster oven costs less money than the budget model conventional oven.

A toaster oven has a much smaller footprint than a conventional oven, for those living in a small space, the large area needed for an oven could be used for cabinets, storage space, and extra counter space. While still being able to cook everything from pizzas and chicken, to cookies or toast, the toaster oven is capable of most tasks a person may need from a conventional oven. The smaller toaster oven is also easier to clean than a large conventional oven. Using the “self clean” mode on a full size oven is foul-smelling and generates a lot of excess heat in the home, while a toaster oven may be easier to spray with a cleaning solution and wipe down. The racks and trays inside of the oven will fit in a dishwasher easily as well.

While it may not be able to cook a large Thanksgiving turkey, a toaster oven is fitting for a family’s daily needs, while providing many benefits. Overall, the convenience, energy efficiency, cost savings and utility of a toaster oven should not be overlooked when deciding what cooking appliance to put in a home kitchen. Please visit Rookie Kitchen for more details.