How To Keep Your Password Safe

Keeping accounts safe in this era of is something we all try hard to achieve, complex passwords, encrypting your passwords to having long passwords that we too have a hard time recalling. since we all need to have a password to access our accounts both on social media and other platforms we need to ensure that they are well managed and secure by staying updated with new security developments and updates which prove to be tiresome and sometimes inconvenience.

Password managers have made it easier to generate, manage our passwords since having one password for all accounts has proven to be a risk. Password managers work differently depending on your device and the software available. Most password managers work by providing stand-alone applications for mobile and PC users while some provide add ons to browsers. Some password managers work by making it easy for users to access their password vaults online.

Password managers are only good since you can use different complex passwords for various accounts without the task of remembering them as long as you have can remember the master password which unfortunately all password managers use. Using a password manager does not guarantee that your password is safe, you still need a strong master password. Each password manager works differently, some work store your password on various browsers while others automatically fill in your password when needed.

When choosing a password manager select one that automatically logs you off and also notifies when your master password is used to log in to another device. Password manager applications try hard to manage and secure your password some by requiring double authentication of the password in case the master password is stolen, this ensures that logins from a new device must be authorized from a recognized device. A good password manager helps you recognize the strength of your password and help you improve its strength in cases where the password is weak.

Password manager does not guarantee total security and you should not totally rely on a password management application or software instead ensure that you also upgrade your password. The best password managers to use include Dashlane which is free to use on a single device and locally keeps all your passwords in your computer, LastPass is a cloud based password manager but helps in identifying weak and duplicate passwords that you should consider changing.

To start using a password manager is easy, you will first need to download the password management software application on your phone or PC, after installing the password manager you will be required to provide your email address and select a strong master password, let password manager get the details of all your accounts this helps since it will recall your password automatically when logging in to the accounts or manually entering information that requires a password. Most password managers apart from LastPass don not offer a password hint so select a master password that you can easily remember to avoid the password manager from locking you out of your vault.