Advantages Of Using A Drone

Drones, aka Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, have become very famous lately. News stories, TV shows, youtube videos, they’re everywhere.

Before you get to know more about drones, let’s clear up a few facts. Drones are called by many names; ex: spy drones, killer drones, attack drones, UAV, UAS etc. They are aircraft’s that are not piloted firsthand. Unlike hobby flying, drones serve a bigger purpose and can be – remote controlled or computer controlled.

In recent years, camera drones have become the talk of the town. And that is for reasons like:

(i) A camera drone shows you where you’re flying through.

Staring at an open sky can harm your eyes, especially in sunny days. But with camera drones, you can see where you’re going in a monitor and act accordingly.

(ii) You can change camera settings on air

If you’ve slapped a camera together with your drone and at some point need to change your camera settings, you’ll have to bring your drone down. But with camera drones, you can do it fast, therefore, save battery and time.

Now that we’ve talked about one of the most important parts of drone (the camera), let’s see some of the advantages of using drones.

(1) They Help To Save Lives

With camera drones, you can monitor any man-made or natural disaster – overlook damage, locate troubled and injured people. With drones, you don’t have to risk lives of rescue team members. You don’t have to send your military to the battleground right away. Saving lives has always been the main reason why companies update drones with new technologies.

(2) Drones Are Cost Effective

Without a drone, you have to hire a helicopter and a crew to monitor and manage your place. Using drones would cut that cost down to a fraction and give you quality work. Moreover, drones’ maintenance is cheaper than typical airplanes.

(3) Drones Can Be Used In Many Ways

Being small, drones can fly through places that once were impossible – doors, windows. Now that the camera drones are out, they have become very suitable for film production, music video creation, mining, farming and much more. Today, drones can do effective things like surveying crops, generating 3D maps and even gathering photos in such way that some place can be practically measured.

(4) Quality work

Though you cut the expense down with drones, you don’t sacrifice the quality. Drones can shoot in full HD and even 4k videos, therefore, can capture quality aerial footage.

(5) They Help To Save Time

In the past, you had to use a helicopter to get aerial footage, which took a lot of time because of the preparation and management and to secure safe launch. But drones only take the pilot to air and their team is also comparatively smaller. This means, with drones, you can be flying in five minutes whereas preparation and management with a helicopter can take hours.

(6) Autopilot Settings

As aforesaid, drones can be auto pilot, therefore, give you longer operation times than average human, without fatigue. Plus, the drone pilots hand over controls to between them without stopping the drone at all.

To Sum It Up

The reason why drones are becoming so popular is that their advantages outnumber and outweighs their disadvantages. With drones, you can work more efficiently, cost-effectively safely. Maybe that’s why the militaries around the world are increasing their drone usage more and more.